Modern Carpets

L’Artisan Du Tapis brings you the finest collection of modern carpets in Lebanon and the world. The modern rug has become an essential part of any contemporary interior, adding the final touches to your modern living spaces. Our modern carpets are handmade in the world’s most renowned countries for rug making, Nepal and India.

We also have a vast selection of machine-made contemporary carpets that have been created with the most cutting-edge rug making technology. With over two million knots per square meter, these fine rugs look and feel great. Our machine-made carpets are anti-allergenic and made from neutral, durable fabrics such as cotton and polyester.

Choices are endless when it comes to patterns and designs, combining fine silk and wool to make lasting, quality rugs that bring out the charm and personality of any room. From area rugs to accent rugs, our modern carpet collection is sure to satisfy your taste for color, fabric, richness, and versatility. Every carpet is unique and personally selected by our experts to make sure that your rug is exceptionally and unmistakably yours. Browse our modern carpet collection below and imagine a world of possibilities. Our rug collections are frequently updated to provide you with the newest carpet trends on the market.

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