Flea Market

Welcome to L’Artisan Du Tapis’ exclusive online flea market where you can buy, sell, or trade quality carpets and interior accessories.

Access to carpet collectors from around the world is now at your fingertips! Find hot deals on contemporary carpets, traditional rugs, and rare collectible items to design your interiors.

Place  your pre-owned rugs for sale, or join our online flea market to benefit from unbeatable discounts on modern and vintage carpets. In addition to that, you are able to trade your previous L’Artisan Du Tapis rug for a new one at a discounted price.

Here, you will also have access to some of the worlds finest decorative items, art pieces, antiques, vintage collectibles and more.
Whether you are an interior designer,  passionate about unique interiors, or simply trying to score a great deal on quality items, this is the place for you.

All items listed are inspected and approved by our team of experts to ensure quality and authenticity before they are priced accordingly.  Join L’Artisan Du Tapis’ flea market now!

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