Choosing the Right Size Rug For A Living Room

A rug can be a great addition to any room, adding warmth, color, and texture. But it’s important to choose the right size and placement for your rug to ensure it looks good and serves its purpose. In this article, we’ll go over some guidelines for choosing and placing the right rug size in your living room.

When choosing a rug size for your living room, you want to make sure that the rug is large enough to accommodate all the furniture in the seating area.

  1. Determine the furniture placement:
    Decide where you want your furniture to be placed in the room. The rug should be large enough to anchor the furniture, so measure the length and width of the seating area to determine the size of the rug you’ll need. As a general rule, the rug should be large enough to fit all of the furniture legs on top of the rug. Alternatively, you can choose a rug that is large enough to fit the front legs and at least half of the sofa on the rug.
  2. Consider the room size:
    The size of your living room can also impact the size of rug you choose. If you have a smaller living room, you may want to choose a smaller rug to avoid overwhelming the space. Conversely, if you have a larger living room, you may want to choose a larger rug to help fill the space.
  3. Select the proper rug size:
    A common guideline is to choose a rug that’s large enough to fit all the furniture in the seating area. When selecting¬† one of the standard rug sizes, consider how the rug will comfortably fit both furniture and people within the borders of the rug. You may think that choosing a smaller rug placed just in front of the sofa is more suitable for cleaning, however, it is important to take into consideration the function and convenience of the space by maximizing leg space on the rug.¬†
  1. Place the rug correctly:
    Center the rug in the seating area or under the coffee table. This will help create a cohesive look and define the space. Consider the design of the rug as well, making sure it is placed symmetrically if there is a central medallion or a border.